What can you do?

So what could you do to start addressing your mental health?

  • Talk to someone you trust, a close friend or family member

  • Read more about mental health 

  • Find a support group near to you. We run the Mensroom but  of course it doesn’t need to be a ‘men only’ group and often a first step can be simply joining a group of people in any capacity.

  • Check out your local community ‘drop in’ services  

  • Start to work on one area known to assist optimum health. Whether this is eating well and regularly, enough sleep, exercise or socialising. The key is to choose something to focus on improving and choose the thing you know you would most enjoy making a ‘project’ out of.  

  • You may find it useful to note which of the above ( if any) you either find difficult or even avoid! 

  • Seek out stories and case studies that will help you understand what other men have been through;

  • Have a think about getting involved in the great campaigns and activities that raise awareness of  mental health