How we can help

How we can help

At Caffee Coach, we offer top quality psychological wellness packages, mentoring and therapy into your business or community.

Productivity lies in people and happy employees make for a happy and more efficient ‘working’ environment. For example, statistics prove time and again that high levels of absenteeism have a direct correlation with mental health.

We believe that by businesses taking a social responsibility for the emotional wellness of their employees, we can simultaneously improve the happiness of the individuals and community as a whole, as well as increase the efficiency and success of the establishment. Because we are a Community Interest Company, so we are working together for mutual benefit whilst helping the vulnerable.

Where we can help

Remember, we use the term ‘working’ loosely here and this refers to any work, education or sporting activity that ultimately keeps us from our homes. ‘Business’ refers to any business, establishment or association that holds a responsibility for the care of others.

Here are some areas where we can help:

- Within the workplace

- Within schools/colleges/universities

- Within public sectors; NHS/Police Force/Armed Forces

- Within sports or performing arts associations

- Within specialist area groups/charities/enterprises

- Within places of remand or rehabilitation

Who we can help

We have experience working with people in all positions; CEOS, managers, new employees, teachers, students and members of the general public, including people struggling with addiction and homelessness. So whatever the area you wish to focus on for improvement, we can help.

 What we can do to help

Every business is different and we want to honour that. By inviting us into your business, we will work together to create a psychological wellness package individually designed for your needs.

We have found some useful ways of working with institutes are:

- Weekly one-on-one sessions with individuals

- Small support groups

- Large psychological wellbeing workshops

However you choose to work with us, we aim to focus our session on stresses faced both in and out of the workplace. After all, we are aiming for complete wellness!

Some areas we focus on are:

- Analysing and pinpointing problem areas within the working environment/resolving conflicts already present

- Support in managing workloads or help with establishing a healthy work/life balance and gaining a sense of control

- Advice on the psychological impact of issues such as bullying, self-harming, generalised anxiety disorders or depression, upon both children and adults

- Help in understanding self-awareness and self-management

- Help with understanding any ‘difficult’ behaviour

- Help in understanding how to adapt to the differences in how information is processed by the children and adults of different ages for effective positive communication

- Help with regard to a child/teen/adult already identified with differences in their thinking

- Support on a personal level providing confidential therapy tailored to their needs from a single session onwards

- Motivational coaching sessions for either professional or personal gain such as smoking cessation, weight management, healthy eating

- Sports psychology

- Help in coping with ongoing pain issues or any other chronic illness such as CFS, Fibromyalgia or ME

- Help to gain a better understanding of any other psychological/practical training programme already in place via other means, often enhanced with bite sized one- off sessions

- Relaxation sessions and learning how to use self-hypnosis

- Grief counselling or trauma debriefing

When we can help

We aim to be either a temporary or permanent extension of your community, offering weekly, monthly or annual support.

We can offer a one-time workshop, a term of weekly sessions or become a permanent weekly fixture in your office or space.

Our support is completely designed around your community needs, so we can work together to decide what will work best for you.

Why we want to help

Because happiness should come first! We want to make emotional wellbeing a social responsibility to ensure that our quality of life is the best it can be.